The blanket is knitted and sewn by hand by volunteers and its dimensions are about 2 by 3 meters hung horizontally with a beam from the ceiling. It consists of knitted square pieces measuring 10 * 10 cm which have been created with knitting crochet technique. The squares have different braids between them and are unique, as identical copying is not possible. In total, they are woven from acrylic yarns of medium or large thickness and are each monochrome. The visitor can touch the blanket if they wishe. On the blanket, the colors of the squares vary between the colors of the inclusive flag of the LGBTQI + community and have been placed in such a way as to form it. On the left, starting with the white color and passing through the pink, blue, brown and black, the squares create the arrow shape that points to the right. At the end of the arrow continue horizontal equal stripes of the three rows in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, in order, from top to bottom.

On the back of the blanket, there are some square pieces of white cotton cloth that mention the names of activists and non-LGBTQI+ community who have passed away.

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