Since its inception in 2005, Athens Pride continues to be the largest celebration of visibility for the Greek LGBTQI+ community. The need for this visibility as well as for the ongoing, forceful petitioning for our rights is, today, greater than ever as we are called upon to tackle the consequences of the Pandemic in a climate of prejudice, discrimination and fear.

This is the time for us as a community to pursue the elements that unite us, that fortify us, and bring us closer together. This is our common ground, the place from which we as a community draw strength every day to face the discrimination we experience in our families, in our workplaces, in our lives. This is what gives us the courage to continue despite the terrible living conditions, police violence, inequality, isolation, and abuse we endure. We embrace all that enables us to come out with pride and claim our human rights as an indivisible part of our new daily life.

This is what we want from Athens Pride. This is what unites us.

In this spirit and given these difficult and uncertain times, this year’s Athens Pride will take place throughout the summer of 2021. Marking our opening is a week of exciting events (July 18-25) followed by other events, that aim to culminate on Saturday, September 11, for a day we hope will be reminiscent of the Athens Prides of previous years.

Athens Pride is a celebration, a protest, a memory. Let’s all unite this year in the very best way we can.



Athens Pride Week: 18-25 July 2021

Athens Pride Day and Parade September: 11 September 2021

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