Queer Greco Romance – Catalogue

Queer Greco Romance is a photographic anthology on those whose fights for freedom remain current, if not won. The idolized statues of antiquity are now replaced by real humans of proud queerness for the world to stare and respect. I am honored to have photographed who they want to be and dedicate part of the print sale to my community of companions for a brighter start.’
Helias Doulis

The exhibition Queer Greco Romance by Helias Doulis shifts the stereotypical representation of male beauty. Inspirde by “male physique” magazines of the 1950’s, which showcased masculinity in the revival light of Ancient Greece, the artist sheds light on the construction of the robust convention, intensifying the homoerotic axis of nostalgia.
Helias Doulis, in collaboration with Athens Pride 2021, has announced to be offering part of the profits of the exhibition to the NPO Colour Youth.
Sale ends on the 11th of September 2021.


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