A pig eats a pig

Have you ever felt in your life that you are worth as much as a pig? Have you ever been treated like a pork chop? The room is pink in the color of bubble gum. Vertical frame, in the middle of the photo there is a blue table like the color painted in the boys’ children’s rooms. On the table there is a pig’s head with one ear slashed violently. Behind the table sits a naked man. He wears a latex mask, piglets. Is he a man? Is she a woman? Or just an anthropomorphic pig? In his left hand he holds a fork and in his right a butter knife. The knife is not sharp. But society is. Sharp, violent and critical. The anthropomorphic pig stands frozen, without identity, without the power to face the world without a mask. A deliberate depersonalization takes place. On the back wall hangs a small amateur portrait of a teenage girl with curly blond hair up to her shoulders and green eyes. It is painted by the mother of our anthropomorphic pig.

Traveler to Nowhere

Horizontal frame. A voluntary departure. A journey into the unknown. Away from a suffocating atmosphere. In an abandoned setting with a dilapidated hotel building, lush vegetation and a huge pine trunk looking down in the background and an anthropomorphic pig standing undecided and barefoot. He wears only a black coat and a pig latex mask. He is holding a brown, leather suitcase without knowing what it contains. Dreams or clothes? Memories or injuries? One thing is for sure. He must soon choose a destination.

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