A test of your endurance

Horizontal Frame. In an abandoned and dimly lit room, two streaks of light enter from the right. Probably from a window that is not visible but you know it exists. The floor is all paved with worn clothes. Almost petrified by the rigidity of time. Full of dust and mold. Somewhere on the right, on the clothes, a woman’s body looks like it is folded. Only the back stands out and some blond hair.

Isolation is the gift

Vertical frame. Minimal light enters through a large window on the right. Leaves of a fig tree stand out from the window light. Moldy walls. Plasters and cements fallen on the stairs. A window open without windows. You follow the stairs as if you were mentally descending the stairs that end up in a half-dark hidden female figure. Only her back fades. Her face is unknown.

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