Two same-shaped forms, twins spring up in the same tangible setting. In a rectangular wall worn with yellow and green stripes of plaster to fray from moisture. Is it a toxic dream? A surreal representation or a random flashback to the past; The figures wear an old, indifferent and old-fashioned nightgown. Their hair is as tangled as their souls. From the right hand hangs a plush brown bear, awkward and aghara. Wrong space-time.


Horizontal frame. This photo determined the title of the project and maybe my course. As a creator and a human being. The moment of delivery. The admission of defeat. The beginning of mourning. In an abandoned bathroom with yellow tiles with green details there is an old mirror. The back of a woman with curly brown hair that tilts her back slightly forward is depicted. She averts her gaze, she hides. From the lens. From the strange looks. A photograph, a presumption of shame for her. Not of others.

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