On yellow grass are placards of the same size that have different inscriptions on them slogans, either horizontally or vertically. On the first upper left a poster is painted a white tombstone that reads “GOODBYE GENDER ROLES” and inside it is painted a small rainbow. Below this poster there is another that writes on it “ATOMS DON’T HAVE GENDER NEITHER DO WE” and has painted between the letters a colorful person. In the middle of it There are two posters that read “LOVE IS NOT A CRIME” and “LOVE IS NOT A SIN “in colorful letters. Just below there is a placard that says “I AM HERE, I AM QUEER FUCK OFF” in black letters except QUEER which is colored like the flag of Pride. Below is another placard he has painted a black pan with an eye egg on a background of the pansexual flag. Right of the photo there is a placard that reads “FUCK THE GENDER ROLES” with colorful letters and below the rainbow flag. Below this placard there is another that reads “EIMAI GAY E AND?”

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