Love is simple

If there is one thing that characterizes me as a person, it is self love. Now I consider it an integral part of me and I try to apply it to everything. In my appearance, in my habits, in my character, in my sexuality. But, of course, self love does not follow a straight line. In all areas, as well as in sexuality. As a bisexual person, I often feel embarrassed. My straight friends consider my sexuality a kind of turn on and will comment on how easy it is to do a threesome. My queer acquaintances will question my sexuality and ask me personal questions, until I convince them of my “authenticity”. I do not want to convince anyone. I do not want to be anyone’s fantasy. I want to be who I am and feel what I feel. No explanations. Love is simple. And I do not want to complicate it at all. I just want to love.


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