Travel to Self-Love

I spent a lot of time thinking that the life I have does not suit me. Will you tell me why you did not try? what are you afraid of? I do not know, I had probably compromised. You know compromise wears people out! My insides we talking to me, they were constantly trying to make me understand. I pretended I didn’t listen sometimes. But I finally listened, I opened my ears, I listened to my needs, what I want. Thus began my journey to self-love. Now after a while I know that it is never too late to change, to become what you want, to become what will make you happy! It is a very bold decision and yet it can be made.

You made me look myself in the eyes

See my beauty

Feel my whole existence

I stopped oppressing myself a lot, what I feel and what I want to say I know my feelings

I know my dreams

I know me

Katia Xr.

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