Athens Pride 2021 – Pride March

Athens Pride 2021 – Pride March We spent another year watching our lives go by and our few claimed rights being constantly violated. A year where the political responsibility has been replaced by the individual of the citizens in an attempt to absolve the government of its responsibilities.  A year we kept mourning victims, freedoms and injustices every single day. A year with our claims still tucked away and with a government refusing to treat the LGBTQI+ community as an equal member of the society. The deprivation of our rights seems timeless with a cross-party character. Society is ready. Governments are not.  

Our time has come. Time to get out on the streets in solidarity, where it all started.

It is time for us, as a community, to return to the elements that unite us. The ones that give us the courage to continue in this homophobic, transphobic and racist society and despite the police violence, patriarchy, inequality, isolation and constant abuse that we experience. Those that get us proudly out together, while keeping our claims for our human rights a core part of this new life.

Athens Pride 2021 | This Is What Unites Us

Pride is a celebration, a riot and a memory. We invite you to be with us in this year’s pride march.

When: Saturday 11.09.2021 @ 19:00 Starting point: Klafthmonos Square Ending point: Parliament

There will exclusively be a pride parade where we will all together keep the appropriate safe distances and wear our masks at all times. 

There will be no concert or kiosks.

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