Αφίσα καλέσματος


Are you an artist, an academic, an activist or perhaps a specialist on something worth sharing❓ Would you like to see your work exhibited, your skills showed and your knowledge shared while supporting the LGBTQI+ community❓

📅 If you are -on top of that- an ally to the Athens Pride cause, we would love to co-operate in this year’s events that will take place from May the 17th to June the 9th.

💌 Send us your event’s description or general idea related to the LGBTQI+ cause or socially vulnerable groups at large. It would (also) be great if it is correlated to this year’s theme: a mosaic of our reality and the constant need for LGBTQI+ claims.
It could be a painting exhibition, a poem competition, a pageant show-off, a drag performance, a doggie walk… literally anything!

Check out last year’s program for inspo.

Together we can make Athens Pride 2023 even more fabulous, more inspirational and more inclusive❗️

Application Deadline: 31.03.2023
Info: [email protected]

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