In a narrow, horizontal and suffocating black and white frame a woman wears a strict white shirt and a black jacket. Her face is not visible, the framing ends at her neck. She is a headless woman. That is exactly what the patriarchy wants. Do not think. To faithfully follow the patriarchal rules with military discipline. Only a few curls of her hair, on the shoulders, stand uncomfortable. To emphasize the contrast of the black tie. In one hand there is a pair of scissors. She enters slowly and decisively in the middle of the tie ready to cut it. It is a symbolic gesture. In life we ​​will need to cut a lot of things. Umbilical cords, ropes, invisible ties, relationships, dependencies.

Feminine, Masculine it Depends

Vertical frame. Green and frayed walls, plasters in old mosaic. A mirror, broken and he in a corner stuck to the wall. Inside it is half a gold frame and a woman sitting in dark blue pants and a white t-shirt is mirrored, wearing a crimson lipstick. There is shaving foam on her face. She shaves her face carefully and decisively. Is she really a woman? Is he a man? Is one skill enough to determine your gender?


Blue wall in vertical frame. In front a barefoot housewife is wearing a cream nightgown.

Her head is suffocatingly wrapped in a blue floral fabric. Around her neck is a red rope. He irons a crimson shirt on an old ironing board. The floor is a mosaic reminiscent of houses of the 60’s. On a high wall hangs a wooden frame – frame. Inside there are two fake butterflies, one green, one red. A little further on, in the same frame, a plastic pink rose. In the same line is hung a children’s frame with a girl walking in the countryside, the remnant of a children’s room.

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