My colorful family-5/5/21

Pride is for me a colorful family, but I never thought I would belong to it. When I came out at the age of 15 I felt insecure, because I thought I would be like the fly in the milk, that I would not be welcome in my old friends … I rather thought that I would not fit the stereotypical image of the “absentee”, of the “diligent student”, even of the “good boy”.

And if indeed all this is true – as funny as it sounds – according to the stereotypes that have always been etched in the consciousness of the average Greek. What changed when I discovered the Athens Pride family was that I realized that diversity is not something filthy and shameful to hide. It is worth celebrating, not so much in itself, but in our ability to recognize and accept it within ourselves, being unapollogetically ourselves. Thank you, my colorful family

“Οὒτοι συνέχθειν, ἀλλά συμφιλεῖν ἔφυν” – Sophocles, ANTIGONE

(=I was not born to hate, but only to love)

Athina Mir.

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