Athens Pride 2020 – your stories

Due to the continuing risk of COVID-19 and the sense of responsibility we bear as the organizing team of Athens Pride 2020, we have decided to hold the main event of Athens Pride 2020 exclusively online, on September 12. In this way we will avoid any physical crowding that could risk the spread of the virus, endanger vulnerable members of the population, and possibly further target the LGBTQI+ community.

So, while 2020 may be the first year we do not unite our voices on the street, we will unite them digitally – and reach every corner of Greece in an evening full of warmth, visibility and pride!

And to give our voices even more strength, we invite our community to share your stories with us: Stories that reflect the reality of our everyday experiences as LGBTQI+ people in Greece. The experiences that made us cry, frightened us, made us take to the streets, caused us pain, and gave us strength.

The force of our united voices will advance our demands for an equal and just Greek society.

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