Queer Food Identities

Αν η εκδήλωση απαιτεί κράτηση θέσης (δωρεάν), παρακαλώ επιλέξτε το εικονίδιο με το ημερολόγιο και κάντε κράτηση, επιλέγοντας την ημερομηνία που σας ενδιαφέρει και συμπληρώνοντας όνομα και ένα έγκυρο email. Τα στοιχεία αυτά τηρούνται μόνο για την κράτηση θέσης και δεν θα λάβετε άλλη επικοινωνία από το Athens Pride ή τρίτα μέρη.


“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are”, Brillat-Savarin wrote in the 18th century. We are what we eat, we are what we don’t eat. But we eat so many different foods! Do they really mean something?

The foods we shop for, cook, or eat represent who we are. We express ourselves and our identities through the food choices we make. Food can be ‘good’ and ‘bad’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘delicious’, and ‘ordinary’ and ‘extraordinary’, and these can reveal much about ourselves and our place in the world. 

There are so many stereotypes around queer food – and identity! Rainbow cupcakes are fun, but we are so much more than this. Not all women really love salads. Not all men really love meat. Not all lesbian women are vegan and not all gay men love colourful cocktails. Let’s break these stereotypes! Express your queer identities by sharing pictures and stories of your foods, answering the question: “what is queer food for you”. What does this mean?

Try to think, if your queer identity was a food, what would that be? It can be anything, something you eat every day, something you ate on that first time you shared your identity with someone, something you grew up eating and you hate. It can be the chocolate from the kiosk or the elaborate dinner you had on that special occasion; it can be the takeout from that neighbourhood place where you feel comfortable and welcomed to be who you are. That food that you eat when you feel all alone. That food you cook for your people who love you unconditionally.

Share with us, and we will share with you, all these photos and stories of your foods and let’s all together create our own queer food culture! In this safe and fun online space, you will be able to express your queer identities, through food, and help everyone to see that we have so much more in common than what we thought.  

Use the hashtags #GreekQueerFoodIdentities #PrideFoodStories on Instagram or email us at [email protected].

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