Athens Pride bids farewell to Evangelia Vlami

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Evangelia Vlami was a valiant LGBT activist. She was at the forefront of every struggle, in legal battles, in the courtroom, in the streets, fighting every manifestation of homoerophobia (her term). Evangelia served on the Board of the Gay and Lesbian Community of Greece (OLKE); she was the founder of the NGO Lesb.Equal Lesbians for Equality; and was half of the lesbian couple in the landmark Tilos marriages. She was a founding member of Athens Pride, and in most of the Pride parades she was seen marching beside the Rainbow Flag. And this is where she will be remembered this year as well: alongside the Rainbow Flag, waving as proudly as the life she lived among us. May her memory and her work be an inspiration to us all.


  • Isabel
    03/07/2017, 20:43  Reply

    Big hug to her friends that have been on her side struggling, loving, hoping for a colourful and righteous society, where all women, especially lesbian women and gay men would live freely without having to stay in the closet… facing families, co-workers, bosses etc. She didn’t. Beautiful, strong, lovely Evangelia! Isabel, Germany

    Δέδυκε μὲν ἀ σελάννα καὶ Πληίαδες· µέσαι δὲ νύκτ – Sappho

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